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VMPC is the  representative of All Weather INC in Việt Nam.

Real-Time Alerts for Air Traffic Controllers

NCAR Phase 3 Algorithm

Detects Windshear & Microburst Conditions

Integrates with Doppler Radar

Featuring the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Phase 3 LLWAS Algorithm

AWI utilizes the field tested NCAR Phase 3 LLWAS algorithm in order to deliver the safest and most reliable LLWAS system on the market today.  This system has been deployed at hundreds of airfields around the world.  A properly developed, sited, and functioning LLWAS system protects life and property from extremely hazardous wind shear and microburst conditions.   AWI’s extensive experience in surface observation systems and sensor integration combined with our integrated display software, provides airports with an unsurpassed LLWAS system.

Detecting and Reporting Wind Shear and Microbursts

Operating aircraft during volatile wind shifts are critical environmental factors to successfully navigating a safe landing or take off.   A strong headwind causes the pilot to push the aircraft nose down to effect the proper glide slope on final approach. When under wind shear or microburst conditions, in an instant that headwind can switch to an equally strong tail wind causing a dangerous loss of air speed.  Having an early warning system that alerts the pilot of these dangerous conditions is essential for the safe operation of your airfield.

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