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The AWI Model 2040 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor provides the best solution on the market for reliable, accurate and cost-effective wind speed and directional measurement. It combines the latest patented advances in ultrasonic technology together with AWI’s years of experience as the recognized world leading supplier of all-weather sensors. The elimination of moving parts, together with a rugged stainless steel construction, means that AWI Ultrasonic Wind Sensor is virtually maintenance-free and requires no calibration on site. The heated head keeps the unit free from ice and snow, providing continuous use even in the most extreme weather conditions.

 A new flexible design ensures that the AWI Ultrasonic Wind Sensor can be configured by the user to their exact requirements, which may include analog outputs, 10 Hz output, heating or sonic temperature. 

The Windows™ based WindCom communications package allows the use to operate the anemometer in various modes, permitting the measurement of U & V vectors, or wind speed and direction. Communication is via an RS-422 bidirectional link, which allows several units to be networked together and data to be logged on demand. The AWI Ultrasonic Wind Sensor has been rigorously tested to internationally recognized standards and meets the stringent performance criteria specified by airport, marine, oil, production, meteorological and utility organizations around the world.

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