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VMPC is the  representative of Leosphere in Vietnam. Leosphere, worldwide leader in atmospheric Lidars, offers reliable solutions for mitigation of wind hazards in airports.


Wind shear detection in airports: a major concern for pilots and controllers

■ Adverse weather represents one of the major causes of accidents that occur during takeoff and landing

■ Wind shears involving headwind or tailwind changes of 15 knots or more have been identified by ICAO as a serious danger which could adversely affect aircrafts’s lift and air traffic operations (go-around, delays, rerouting)

Windcube®: an ICAO compliant turnkey solution

■ Real-time detection of wind shear with an automatic alert generation for air traffic controllers

■ Help weather forecasters to establish warnings with a regional 3D wind and wind shear mapping

■ Complementary sensor to X-Band radars for an all-weather wind shear detection system



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