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Equipment description: full color echogram with TFT screen with 3 selectable background colors. It provides depth information and meets the IMO performance standard. It is universally applicable for navigation purposes from shallow to depth waters and can be operated with one or two transducers.

Up to 24 hours of sounding and other data are automatically stored in non-volatile memory protected from power off or system reset.

Echogram feed rate can be changed in three steps for extended display period across the screen without affecting the current echogram.

An extensive audible and visually alarm function warns the navigator against decreasing depth, missing or weakening bottom echo, power supply voltage drop and power loss.

Stored data can be displayed graphically as well as digitally in a special data history window accessible by a single button operation, and can be uploaded to a PC for offline processing and analysis. A graphics printer can be plugged into devoted rear panel connector to print out a monochrome hard copy of current echogram.

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