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Radar Thời Tiết

VMPC is the  representative of Gamic in Việt Nam. GAMIC is the creator of meteorological data processing systems for Weather Radar since 1988 and complete X-band Weather Radar Systems since 2012. GAMIC have provided customers worldwide with the full spectrum of services and products related to radar and weather information processing, as well as complete X-band Doppler Weather Radars.


Doppler Weather Radar systems

  • Band

    • X, C, S

  • Transmitter types

    • Magnetron

    • Klystron

    • TWT (Traveling Wave Tube)

    • Solid state

X-band Doppler Weather Radar Systems

  • GMWR 25 SP

  • Magnetron

  • 25 kW

  • Single Polarization

  • Mobile or Stationary

  • GMWR 25 DP

  • Magnetron

  • 25 kW

  • Dual Polarization

  • Mobile or Stationary

  • GMWR 400

    • Solid State

    • 400 W (2x200W)

    • Dual Polarization

    • Mobile or Stationary

  • FROG-RTNG for real-time weather radar data processing, calibration and maintenance

  • MURAN-PROGEN for comprehensive product generation and dissemination

  • COLIBRI II for user data presentation in 2D image form

  • FROG3D for 3 D weather radar data presentation

  • ENIGMA ATC for Primary ATC radars

  • ENIGMA III+ and IV for digital receiver processing with PC Host

Weather radar software

Doppler weather radar signal processors

Networking and message switching

MURAN for local or wide area networking of multiple workstations as well as data fusion of different sensor front end sources

ATC Radar hard- and software

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